Background & Ethos


The Project History

Ruth Phillips, the property owner, has lived and worked at Chateau de Cautine during the past 6 years, offering holidays and events.  It has take many years of research and planning in eco village set up and management to develop the unique formula presented here which allows people flexibility and freedom within a social and environmental context for living. After a wait of 5 years, the residential aspect of the project achieved the ‘miracle’ of exemption from the strict planning laws which exist in this region, and has outline approval at the local and departmental level for the creation of this eco hamlet on the Chateau de Cautine property.

Our Mission

Our mission is threefold:

1.     The Environment - to create a place to visit, holiday or live within a pristine natural and historical setting based on the principles of permaculture, working within nature in a harmonious, non-harmful way.

2.     Housing - To create beautiful, comfortable houses that are ecological and affordable, and that can run ‘off-grid’ for very low running costs; with community areas and the opportunity to co-manage.

3.     Community & activities - To offer opportunities to work and learn in the village with hospitality, leisure, relaxation, educational and cultural activities onsite and access to community when desired.


Permaculture Flower


Email or call us for more information

 UK: +44 (0)20 3287 9212

FRANCE: +33 (0)977 21 76 06






A Poem for Eco Chateau by Ruth Phillips - December, 2012

Come ye all

Let us not fight with sabres, swords nor guns

Nor minds devoid of heart

Let us not separate ourselves

From the song of life 


Our gifts have been prisoners

In our beating hearts

Our soul’s debt is calling out

To repay all that we have taken


Let us make a castle for the world

of light

of good intentions

of real things

of amazing inventions


And carry this castle we have made

To every corner where sorry hearts

And suffering bodies

Long for refuge