Updated March 2017

We are creating an ecological, co-housing village here on a fully restored, 17thcentury chateau estate in rural France. The property lies in the heart 30 acres of parklands and forests in the midst of quiet, deep-green nature, surrounded by hills & mountains, forests & lakes.  It is set in the eastern Dordogne, one of most unspoilt regions of France.  This is a unique development and is ready to launch.

Outline planning permission is in place to create a permaculture village around the chateau for residential and/or holiday use, with small, ecological houses, blended into the natural and historic landscape. Plans include the chateau ‘hub’ offering education, leisure and cultural activities for both visitors and residents; a small restaurant; a multi-functional workshop space; the swimming pool (existing); a sauna and a communal space, as well as large, individual garden plots and access to acres of forest and fields on the property. The whole site aims to be a showcase for permaculature and sustainable living


Internal floor plans for 20sqm & 30 sqm cabins



The Key Elements  

The Learning & Cultural Centre

The chateau will form the central ‘hub’ of the property for ecological, educational and cultural events, seminars and retreats with accommodation and services for 20+ visitors.  

Residential Housing  

Our architect, a specialist in ecological design, has created a ‘tiny house’ specifically for this site to blend into the natural and historic landscape.The house design is modular, between 30-50 square metres. 


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CGI of Stage One Cabins