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Ruth Phillips  

Owner of the property and founder of the project.  

Ruth has a passion for setting up integrated, holistic projects which provide a springboard for change, both on a personal and social level. She also has a strong interest in creating affordable, beautiful housing and lifestyles which are integrated with human social, creative, financial and familial needs.

Having been the creator of successful and innovative educational projects in the UK, she understands the nature of learning and seeks to go way beyond teaching skills and qualifications into real life experiences which help change people's lives, their expectations and their viewpoints.  

She has a degree in Psychology and a long career as a teacher as well as a strong track record of financing, fund raising, innovative project design, creation and management in the UK.

She is also the owner of a successful restaurant in the UK, Chantek, which she set up in 2003.

Here are links to three of her projects:

The Foundation for Human Development (fHD)

Chantek Restaurant


Peter Blok -  Eco Village Project architect 

Peter studied Achitecture and Mechanical Engineering at the Delft university in Holland and practiced architecture for 18 years in Holland before moving to France. Since then he has created an alternative for the modernistic mainstream line of thought and in 2010, he started designing the first models in his range of 7 designs.  He has recently built his own house of 75 square metres using wood, clay, strawbales and recycled materials. (http://www.blok.nl/index-EN.html)

Peter has contributed to the ideas and layout of the eco village plans here.










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